Amazon launches a subscription service for STEM toys


Amazon today unveiled a new subscription program aimed at parents called stem Club, which delivers educational toys to your home for $19.99 a month. The retailer says it is going to hand-pick which toys are sent, and will ensure the items are age-appropriate. And by STEM, of course, Amazon means the toys will be focused on the areas of science, engineering, technology and mathematics.

The subscription program wont feature just any ol STEM toys, however, but will instead only include the ones that have recently established or the ones that are exclusive to Amazon.

To sign up, parents visit the STEM Club homepage, then choose the age range of the kid (3-4, 5-7 or 8-13). The first toy will arrive in under a weeks time with free delivery. From that point forward, a new item will arrive on a monthly basis. The service is only available from the U.S., the site notes.

This isn’t Amazons first attempt at highlighting STEM toys on its site. In 2015, the merchant launched the STEM Toys & Games Stores a destination for surfing through this type of product in a dedicated location.

Needless to say, for Amazon, the introduction of the new storefront wasn’t so much about trying to spark young minds and promote learning, but to better capitalize on parents fascination with the STEM toy trend so as to impact Amazons own bottom line. At the moment, STEM toys were the second-most visited section and had seen the highest sales volume during the previous holidays.

Likewise, Amazons interest in establishing a subscription service for these toys is also motivated by being able to capture a recurring revenue stream. Like its Subscribe & Save program, the expectation is that the new subscription service will promote a type of set it and forget it mentality among shoppers.

But whether parents will sign up in the first place remains to be seen. After all, I don’t know about you but we certainly have enough toys around here. I can’t imagine wanting to receive one more every month.

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