Concerned parents are recording Hatchimals ‘swearing’ on YouTube


As the dust settles on the holidays, and millions of parents around the world regret buying their ungrateful precious children noisy toys, one word conjures more dread and concern than any other: Hatchimals.

The hatchable duck things aren’t only the bane of parents due to their talkative, possibly demonic nature. It’s also their vocabulary.

Some parents say their Hatchimals are swearing at them. Specifically, they’re being accused of uttering “F*ck me.”

Some parents have been uploading videos of the electronic animal’s profanities, spoken while they “sleep”

Likely story, devil penguins. Hatchimals do not sleep. They simply close their eyes and keep endlessly speaking.

Hear that? Concerned parents Sarah and Nick Galego from Victoria, Canada, sure did.

Convinced that they’re “sleeping” present was actually moaning like a possessed witch, Nick told CTV “I’m pretty sure it says ‘f*ck me'”

The Canadian-based toy manufacturer, Spin Master, guaranteed that the news outlet that Hatchimals aren’t programmed to swear like Linda Blair.

“Hatchimals speak their own language composed of random noises,” a spokesperson said.

“We can assure you that the Hatchimal is not saying anything inappropriate. The one in the video appears to be sleeping.”

The old “sleeping” excuse again, eh?

A company spokesperson also told Mashable via email that “We are dedicated to doing everything possible to resolve any consumer difficulties. We sincerely apologize and thank everybody who’s experiencing an issue for their patience,” adding that the majority of feedback they have received has been positive.

Spin Master took to Facebook on Christmas Day also, addressing complaints from parents who said that their Hatchimals would not hatch from their eggs, or else hatched and then immediately died.

And of course the fact that across North America, the 60 toy sold out immediately, leaving many a child feeling un-loved by ol’ Santy Claus.

Seems like moaning sounds that seem like curse words are the least of the provider’s problems.

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