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Review of NECA Godzilla – 12″ Head to Tail “Modern Godzilla” Action Figure – Series 1

Whether you are an action figure buff mature, or you have a kid who Enjoys action figures, this Godzilla doll is a complete must have product. When it might be a little frightening to young kids, it merely makes this activity figure that far better. It’s quite sensible, and any child that has a fascination with Godzilla is going to be pumped to give it a try. Do not wind up buying a equitable action figure, this one is not overly pricey and it works wonderful! The last product is produced out of higher quality materials, and also you do not need to be worried about it breakingup. It’s extremely simple to play with and present, and it works good whether it’s sitting in your desk or being played with by a tiny kid.

Best Attributes

This Godzilla doll is large! It measures a Complete foot, so it’s Bigger than your conventional action figures. This is ideal to play with smaller toys such as Lego characters in order for your kid can envision that Godzilla is so large. The action figure is poseable and ready to battle.


This action figure is a dream to play with. It does not Need any batteries, which means you do not need to think about replacing those batteries that are annoying. So it does not make any noise, this toy is still well worth it. It is only $20, and also for how well made it’s, you will not be regretting the purchaseprice. Everything on this activity figure goes, which means that you may present it all of the way down to the claws.


The tail feels somewhat delicate. Just be cautious with it while Posing and it should not create a problem.

Last Verdict

I would definitely buy this again. My husband loves to Pose actions figures, so that I knew he’d love with this one on his desk. But, I think that it would make a fantastic toy for a small boy too. In case you’ve got a young child who enjoys Godzilla, this toy could be very fun for them also.

NECA Godzilla – 12″ Head to Tail “Modern Godzilla” Action Figure – Series 1

12 Inch head to Tail
Fully articulated
Highly detailed

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Price: $39.99 $18.17

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More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toy

NECA Godzilla


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