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Review of  Wonderhood Grand Hotel Creative Building Set

This toy is prefect for boys and girls who love to perform with dolls. It’s a STEM action, so it really helps them utilize their mind too. Anytime it is possible to get your kid away from playing with electronic equipment is a win in my book, and this inventive construction collection does exactly that. Your youngster can set up it different every time, and the resort never seems the same. They’ll spend hours building and rebuilding this resort. The materials are top quality, and they do not feel as they will bend or break in any way. I’ve high hopes in this lasting very a while, and that I know that my little girl will adore playing with it comes Christmas morning. It appears a bit expensive at $60, but you are basically purchasing a dollhouse therefore that it is not too terrible for being that.

Best Attributes

The colours on this resort construction set are extremely bright. They Are simple to use, and totally unique. No 2 resorts will appear exactly the same, and your kid can assemble up it tall, or broad, depending on how they utilize the connectors. As soon as they build the resort, they get to play with it, so this toy keeps your child entertained for hours.

What is Included in Wonderhood Grand Hotel Creative Building Set

Contains 62 Rebuildable Pieces + Activity Journal with tales about Chelsea and Erik, construction hints, and interesting design challenges!

• 24 illustrated glossy vinyl panels – 5″ square, watertight, scratch-resistant
• 30 easy-clip plastic connectors
• 1 durable plastic stairs
• 4 lift components
• 1 clock tower with compacted
• Two 3D figurines of Chelsea and Erik
• 1 Action Journal


This toy includes everything your child Will Have to Remain Entertained for long periods of time. The fun never stops once they could reconstruct it over and over again. The figurines are all fun to play with, but your little one may also utilize different dolls to play within this resort. It’s the best dollhouse for individuals in tight spaces or people who go around a lot since it completely breaks apart into smaller bits. That’s a significant pro for me because my family moves around a whole lot.


It Appears a bit expensive at $60, but I am hoping it’s well Worth the purchase price.

Last Verdict

Overall, I think that it was worth buying. I understand my Daughter will love playing with it, and dollhouses generally occupy so Much space. This dollhouse is fine because you can split down it without it damaging The bits, and your kid will have fun playing with it. I Really like That it will help Construct their minds. I would definitely buy this again.

Grand Hotel Creative Deluxe Dollhouse Building Set

Age - 5 and up
All Wonderhood toys are compatible with each other
24 double-sided, glossy panels that clip together easily using plastic connectors.

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Price: $122.91

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