Feel Scary with Aquarius Zombie Survival Large Tin Fun Box


Review of Aquarius Zombie Survival Large Tin Fun Box

Have You Got a friend That’s always stating the zombie apocalypse is Coming? If this is the case, this is the ideal Christmas present for them. Even in the event that you don’t possess a zombie loving friend, this is a humorous white elephant gift for your favourite Christmas exchange. This zombie survival tin is really empty, which means that you may use it to get anything you desire. Whether it becomes your child’s brand new lunch box, or perhaps a tool or tackle box on your own, the choices are endless of what you are able to use it for. It’s an excellent cost at only $17.75, and it’s going to be a humorous addition to any family or Christmas present exchange. You truly can not go wrong with purchasing this particular survival tin.

Best Attributes

This survival big tin is pretty big, and you could readily Use it like a lunch box to get an adult or a kid. If you would like one of the trendiest lunches about, this is for sure going to be the star of this workplace. The colours are extremely bright, and it’s intriguing and intriguing. The measurements for the box are 7.75″ x 6.75″ x 4.13″.

What is Included in Aquarius Zombie Survival Large Tin Fun Box

While it may seem like that survival tin could come with Some trendy survival equipment on the interior, you’re simply obtaining the metallic survival tin. But in case you wished to create this gift even cooler you could incorporate some essential survival things such as beef jerky and a water bottle.


This zombie survival tin is among the funniest Christmas Gifts you can ever give or get. In case you’ve got a zombie friend or kid, they’ll go mad for this. It’s quite distinctive, and you won’t find anything similar to it in shops. If you would like something trendy and unique to provide, you have to find this.


The grip to close this lunch box is a little tight, but I Am convinced it’ll loosen over time.

Last Verdict

In general, this is a excellent product. For under $20, I Wouldn’t be afraid to buy this again. It’s utterly hilarious, and I’ve got the ideal friend to donate it to. I believe that the zombie apocalypse is a humorous topic, so that I understand my buddy who’s constantly talking about it is going to delight in this. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this, as it’s among the greatest presents I’ve given. If you like zombies, or you know somebody who loves zombies, then you need to find this.

Aquarius Zombie Survival Large Gen 2 Tin Fun Box Novelty

Measures 8" x 6.75" x 4"
Designed for storage (not for food)
Fun colorful graphics

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Price: $14.99

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