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Review of I’m A Horrible Case X Large Hard Case

I Am A Horrible Instance X-Large Hard Case for Cards Against Humanity Card Game retains up 1700 cards

If you love a sport so much, you want to Be Sure it is Cared for. Cards Against Humanity is among the most enjoyable card games on the market these days. Regrettably, those cards can easily be bent or have messed up since they’re fairly flimsy. If you would like to care for your own card game, you will need a fantastic case for all those cards. However, a normal case will not do. You will need a situation that’s as amusing and amusing as the card game itself, and only this instance is going to do this for you.

Best Attributes

This situation will hold each card that you have, such as most of the Ones from these expansion collections. You don’t have to throw them in a Ziploc bag, or expect they remain in their situation, this case will hold all of the cards without another thought. It’s six dividers, however it is possible to take them out to carry more cards. The circumstance is snarky and sarcastic since it reads “I am a horrible case.” If you’d like a situation as amusing as your own card match, this is the one for you.

What is Included in I’m A Horrible Case X Large Hard Case

This situation does not have the real card game. You only Get the situation along with the dividers.


This case is Fantastic for cards from humanity, but it may Also be used for different things. If you’re somebody who assembles cards such as Pokemon or baseball cards, then this situation will keep those cards at tip top shape too. No more worry about some of your cards being flexed, this instance has your spine.


The purchase price of $24.99 could be a little high for a situation.

Last Verdict

Compared with other instances, this card situation is better Compared to remainder. It easily has everything you’ll need, and it can hold All Your cards With no issues. Do not hesitate to Buy this, you want your own card sport protected. It’s a fantastic gift for anyone who cherishes their cards.

Portable Game Card Case for 2,000+ Cards. Fits Main Game and All Expansions (Extra Large)

All of your cards in just one case!
Perfect For ALL Card Games - CAH, What Do You Meme?, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering (MTG), UNO, Yugioh, Munchkins, Joking Hazard, Never Have I Ever, Drunk Stoned or Stupid, Superfight, Disturbed Friends, Star Wars and many more!
The perfect gift idea! Organizes, Stores & Protects your cards for the Main Game plus all Expansions, and Red, Blue and Green Boxes. Fits 2,000+ cards.

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Price: $39.99 $29.95

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