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Review of Magformers Challenger Set (112-pieces)

Magformers are a Few of the coolest new toys available on the Marketplace. Each kid will be begging for all these toys for Christmas, so I went ahead and purchased them to get the kid in expectation of the cost moving up. Magformers are super trendy since they join by magnets. They are simpler to construct than Legos, and they’re much quicker also. You are able to construct buildings that are higher, and the bits will be see through and geometric. It will help your child to think creatively, and they will not be fretting about their electronic equipment in all while playing with these. For all those children with overactive heads, this is an excellent socket to utilize to help them calm down.

Best Attributes

These pieces are very well made. The geometric shapes Are very trendy, and the colors stay bright during usage. This magformer collection may be used with the rest of the sets, along with the infrequent neodymium magnets are strong and secure. These will not be breaking down fast, and you also won’t crack open your skin by stepping onto them as you do using Legos. If your son or daughter requires a brand new toy to play with, this is the best toy for both boys and girls.

What is Included in Magformers Challenger Set 112 pieces

112 Pieces complete: 48 triangles, 46 squares, 4 hexagons, 12 pentagons and 2 wheels.


This magformer place is extremely cool. I adore how the magnets Attach to one another, and they’re simpler to work with than Legos. The set also does not include particular buildings to construct, so that they are much more versatile and distinctive. The colours are bright and simple to use, and they’re ideal for all ages.


The cost is somewhat heft at $137.07. But it comes with a Ton of bits so that it is not too bad of a cost actually.

Last Verdict

I can not imagine my child not playing with magformers. Ever Because the very first set I bought they’ve been in love. When You Have never Purchased a magformers set, this one really is a fantastic bargain for just how many bits arrive in it. Your child will be hooked instantly, and You’ll love using them over Legos. They are easier to stay included, easier to perform with, and much more Flexible in what they are able to construct. Do not hesitate buying them, they will Create a fantastic gift this holiday season. Buy them while they’re still accessible, This will be one favorite toy come December.

Magformers Challenger Set (112-pieces)

Set includes pieces from our XL cruiser car set and rainbow pieces in 4 different geometric shapes.
112 pieces total: 48 triangles, 46 squares, 4 hexagons, 12 pentagons and 2 wheels.
Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets for guaranteed connectivity.

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Price: $143.99 $116.10

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