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Review of the LEGO Creator Red Creatures

This is one of the classic Lego kits That Each kid Needs to get. Forget about the mad figurines and vehicles, this collection will keep your child occupied for long periods of time. 1 kit makes three distinct creatures, and it’s ideal for people who love to develop and rebuild. Everything about this collection is fun to make, and the Lego blocks are created nicely. Your youngster won’t regret getting this timeless set, and in case you’ve got a house filled with Legos that is going to be a welcome addition to your own collection.

Best Attributes

This 1 set creates three distinct creatures. The bits are Somewhat smaller, so the collection is ideal for older children around the ages of 7-12. Each of the blocks are reddish, and dark, with a couple of white and gray to finish the creatures. The various bits will help keep your child occupied for hours, however, they are not too complex where you can not find it out yourself. The set is readily transformable to earn a dragon, snake, or scorpion. The dragon steps over 1″ high, 11″ long, and 9″ wide. The scorpion steps over 4″ high, 11″ long, and 8″ wide. The snake steps more than 1″ high, 14″ long, and 1″ wide.

What is Included in Red Creatures

When you purchase this Lego Creator Red Creatures place, you get A pair of Legos using 221 bits. Every one of these pieces will constitute either a dragon, snake, or scorpion.


The animals all seem wildly different, therefore it is not like You merely repurpose a couple of bits into something distinct. The creatures somewhat difficult to construct, so it is going to help keep your child occupied for quite a while. The animals are all realistic, and they’re simple to play with. This set may be used over and over again, and the bits will work with regular Legos too.


You Cannot assemble all three monsters at the same time, otherwise all The bits wouldn’t operate. You may just construct 1 monster at one time.

Last Verdict

For only $37.95, this collection is really a steal. You’re technically Getting three distinct Lego monsters from this 1 set, and you also get more than 221 Pieces complete. It’s certainly worth every cent, and your little one will enjoy it. This Is the Best addition to some Lego home, along with the difficulty level is Great for older children. It is a toy that will not be completed in 10 minutes, and It’ll keep your kids amused.

LEGO Creator Red Creatures

Features large movable wings, long scaly tail, fiery breath, fearsome horns, long talons and bright green eyes
3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a snake or a scorpion
Dragon measures over 1" (4cm) high, 11" (28cm) long and 9" (25cm) wide

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Price: $43.79

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